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EarliPoint Evaluation for autism is an FDA–authorized device that assists clinicians with diagnosis and assessment of autism in children as young as 16 months of age.

Using Social-Visual Engagement , EarliPoint captures moment-by-moment looking behavior imperceptible to the human eye.

How EarliPoint works

Typically developing children viewing videos tend to focus on the same area of a scene at the same moment about 80% of the time. This responsiveness to socially salient aspects of the video is known as entrainment. By noting specific convergence points in the video—points where typical children are looking at a singular focal point at a singular moment—the EarliPoint Evaluation can compare an individual child’s looking behavior, or entertainment, to a statistically significant threshold.

Young girl sitting at a table while using earlipoint equipment - sitting across from her is an adult in blue scrubs, watching her.
Young girl sitting at a table while using earlipoint equipment.

For a Child

It is as simple as watching a video—scenes of toddlers playing—while the device assesses the individual focal points at a rate of 120 times per second. Each data point is then compared to thousands of discrete measurements within a clinically validated database, so that parents, caregivers and providers have timely, objective and accurate information concerning potential developmental vulnerabilities.


It means getting the benefit of more data, at an earlier point in development. Which translates to less time waiting to detect, diagnose and assess. And also increasing their confidence in making a diagnosis and assessment.

Doctor with a child who is his patient.